5 Work From Home Tips To Make Your Online Business Successful

I remember when I first started working from home and how exciting it was because I was going to be with my family more.

Working from home

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My excitement quickly turned to frustration when I was constantly being interrupted. Not to mention, my friends suddenly thought they could call or drop by because I didn’t have a “job” anymore. These were all things I never had to deal with because when I left for work, I was out of sight and out of mind.

I’m a visual person and like to have guidelines, so I made a list of five things—or rules for my family and friends—that outlined what I needed to be successful with working from home tips.

I hope they will help you even if you’re just starting or are already a seasoned work-from-home entrepreneur.

1 – Make Your Own Work Cave

For a while, I had my printer perched up on a couple of milk baskets and my desk was nothing more than an old door laid overused two-drawer filing cabinets. Where ever you decide to go in your home, try to stay out of the main areas and make it sacred. I put a sign that said, “Dad has gone to work. He’ll be back later.” That signaled everyone to treat me like I really was gone.

2 – Set Hours For Yourself

I found I could be more productive in the early morning hours when the house was quiet and everyone was still asleep. Everyone is different and has different schedules so you have to figure out what works for you. If you can make your schedule consistent, it’s easier to train yourself to commit and you’ll be less likely to do something else during that time.

3 – Keep your workspace clean and organized

Organization is not my strongest trait. I can tell you that right now. But, I knew if I was going to be productive something had to change. I took a few hours to organize my work space and that made a huge difference. If you don’t have what you need or you can’t find what you need it takes away time from being effective.

4 – Make a daily to-do list

Every time management course, book, guru—you name it—recommends making a list and then prioritizing it. It is easy to get caught up in busy work and have your time pass without getting crucial items completed. You absolutely have to focus on the important things first!

5 – Get Out – IRL (In Real Life)

Working from home with a computer can turn you into an introverted hermit. Don’t forget to use your human skills and interact with other people. I like to kill two birds with one stone. Meetup.com is a website that brings local people with similar interests together. It’s a great way to find other entrepreneurs or groups that will introduce to people in similar circles. You can also start your own group and create a board of peers to support each other and bounce ideas.

As an entrepreneur, you are you own boss and don’t have anyone requiring you to meet deadlines, put in hours, and have goals to reach. This, of course, is a blessing and a curse. I want to provide you with work from home tips and hope they will help you maximize your time.

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