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Let's talk about the basics of Article Marketing.

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Let’s talk about the basics of Article Marketing

The first thing I want to cover about article marketing is, should you be using your real name or an alias name? Through out this discussion I am going to refer to it as a “Pen Name”. Ultimately, choosing to use a pen name or not is your decision.

However, here are a few pointers you may want to take into consideration if you are in doubt.

Pen names are names that writers use instead of their real name to sign their articles. If you are promoting a niche that you want to be seen as an expert in, it is always Best to use your REAL name. Always think long term. If you are going to be known and recognized as an expert in your niche, what better name than your real name To be remembered by?

If for some reason, you still want to use a pen name, you should use a “real looking” name. I mean by this a first and last name. For example does not accept nicknames such as “Ezinewriter”. Here are a few quotes from EzineArticles for pen name guidelines:

“Must have a First Name and a Last Name”.

We do allow “First name – Last Initial” or “First Initial – Last Name”.

We do not allow adjectives or nouns or descriptors to be part of your AUTHOR NAME”.

The reasons behind this is that a real name always inspires more confidence than any kind of made up name, and it is usually taken more seriously.

As much as it is a good idea to use your real name in the niche you want to be an expert in, it is a very good idea NOT to use your real name in your parallel niches. If you are promoting other niches, you might not want to use your own name while selling other products that are totally different and belonging to completely different niches.

For example, let’s say your expertise is in “Internet marketing”, but you are also selling iPods,chocolate and dating info, do not use the same name that you are known for Internet marketing to sell these other items. The reason for this is that you will defeat the purse of your expertise. You might be seen as an expert in Internet marketing, but people might not take you seriously as an expert in so many different areas. This will be the perfect time to choose a pen name. One pen name for every different niche.

Are you getting the idea here? If you have many different niches under your arm, which most likely will be the case if you want to make money in this Internet marketing business, do not use your real name for all your niches. Use your real name where you want to be seen as an expert and where you want to be seen as “YOU”.


What is A Good Length Article?

Article Writing

Let me tell you something right off the bat here! If you were told that you can get away with mediocre short articles, you were told a lie. I have been around successful article marketers long enough to know that it is a mistake to think that way,and this is why:

  • Short articles look “spammy” just by their size
  • Short articles are short on information by definition
  • Short articles are not article directories favorite things
  • Short articles will give you the reputation of writing short articles
  • Short articles are just an excuse for the so called lazy readers also called “scanners”.

Now let respecify what I call a short article. What is considered a medium article is an article around 400-500words. A short article is an article less than 300 words. Medium articles are ideal for most article directories and for your readers. What makes a good article is a combination of several ingredients put together in that one written piece; Length is a “Key Component”.

Research Content For Your Article

Searching and Writing

Try to see every single article you write as a story telling of something. Have the purpose of telling something specific before you even start writing.

The BIG ingredient to be able to do this is RESEARCH. I can’t tell you enough how research on the subject you want to write about can make a HUGE difference on the quality of your articles. As fellow marketer says it very well: “research is the engine that drives article writing“. Research or the lack of it is what separates outstanding articles from mediocre articles.

When you are writing to promote yourself or your business, it is imperative that you produce good content. This will help to build you up as an authority in your niche. This kind of authority is built with very good to exceptional content. This kind of content comes from the research you do before you start writing your article.

Is research time consuming?

It really isn’t. Just by reading information within your niche regularly you will build up a “knowledge bank”. As you read, take notes and collect them on a note book. Before you know it, you will have a bunch of great information to choose from.  

Write Unique Articles

If you want to write unique articles,by all means, avoid PLR (private label rights) articles. Those articles have been used and reused more times than you would dare to imagine. Not a good idea to creating unique content it will do more damage than good.

It is my experience that it takes just as much time to rewrite an article than it does to just write it. So, if you want my piece of advice, PLR articles are not worth their weight in gold.

Your writing should reflect who you are and what you know. Use your creativity and write from the heart. The more creativity you use while writing your article, the more unique content you will have. Try to be as unique as you can and work at developing that uniqueness as time goes on. No PLR or spun articles will ever be able to do this.

Do not Confuse the Article with the Resource Box

A common mistake I see amongst new Internet marketers is that they write about their product all through the-article. Writing directly about your product is not a good article marketing strategy. First of all, most article directories will prevent you from promoting your product directly, except when it comes to your resource box. Second, this will not serve you as being seen as an expert, but as someone trying to promote his product.

Article marketing is not to be confused with PPC, it is not a direct way of promoting, it is more of a subtle way of promoting. PPC is a click and buy now strategy. Article marketing is more of a long term strategy. Your article is where you give information. Your resource box is where you can convince your readers to buy your product.

How can you write a whole article for your product without mentioning your product?

Write about the “general” niche. For example, if you write about Internet marketing you can write anything and everything from article marketing, website design, back links to cloaking, etc… the list is indefinite and will always link back to Internet marketing. You can use this technique with any niche.

Become Consistent With Your Article Marketing

I believe that one of the key secrets or factors to success with anything is to be “CONSISTENT” Let me explain………

Many new comers fail in their attempt to make money with their article marketing, not because of lack of knowing how to write decent articles, but because of lack of consistency.

This lack of consistency is due to the fact that they spend more time wondering what and how to write than they do actually writing.

Once you have your niche, your product and have done some research on it; the only thing stopping you from writing is YOU. It’s OK, to make mistakes and it’s OK not to be a great writer, right from the get go. What really matters is that you submit those articles out there.

Your list of excuses for not submitting at least one article per day are just what they are, a bunch of excuses.

Give yourself a goal


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Without a goal it is very difficult to go anywhere or achieve anything. Put a goal in front of you and this goal will be your driving force.

For example, if you start with the goal of ONLY one article a day, that’s 365 articles in a year. After only one year you will have 365articles promoting your products out there. Some of these articles, if they include good enough content, will be picked up by some publishers, and this number will even grow on its own without you doing a thing about it.

Writing one article a day is a very realistic goal and you can do it within 20 minutes.

If by any chance you could dedicate a whole hour for your article writing a day, you could write 2 articles.

Two articles a day = 730 articles for that year.

Imagine that, with only 2 articles per day, every day, and you will have a total of 730 articles in a year. Just by having such a number of articles out there in a year, you will already be well on your way and ahead of the competition who started the same day you did, but didn’t follow through as well as you did.


The Conclusion of Article Marketing

Internet Marketing of any type of product or service can be marketed effectively by “Article Marketing”. Remember that there are so many ways to market your product and services online. However, article marketing is one of the ways you can create “free” traffic to your site for years to come. It is worth taking the time to learn and do it right.

The first thing you need to do, if you don’t have one yet, is pick a niche or a product you want to promote.

Once you have done that. You need to decide who you want to be. Make a decision as to what your pen name will be for that particular niche or product.

Do your homework and become knowledgeable in your niche, this will help you write outstanding articles that are very unique and will define your style. Give yourself a goal and remain consistent over a period of time. As you do, you will be building your article marketing machine and get positive results from it.

Remember: The more you put in, the more results you will get.

While building your article marketing you also need a website to drive the traffic. You can get a website for free and the hosting for free by typing in a website name and clicking on “Build it Now”.

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