Beginner Marketing

Let's talk about Search Engine Optimization and Link Building

Beginner Marketing

Let’s first of all talk about S.E.O. / What is SEO/ Search Engine Optimization

On this page you are going to find information on how to do Internet Marketing without using money. Now, just because you will not be using any money that does not mean that it is a less effective way of marketing. In fact some of my best results for marketing come from avenues that are “Free”.

It will be important to pay attention to detail in this section. If you are new to Internet Marketing you may not understand the reason for doing each step the way that it will be explained. However, as you continue to learn and repeat the steps and then see the traffic and conversion take place on your own site you will understand why each step is important.

SEO is obviously an acronym that stands for “search engine optimization.” It is an avenue or manner of getting traffic from the “free,” also known as “organic,”  or “natural” listings on search engines. All of the major search engines like  Google, Yahoo and Bing will have a side of “natural- organic listings and another side that are “paid listings or a section that advertiser will pay the search engine company to be there.

Take a look at this image:

Pay-Per-Click Organic Results

You will see that the keyword entered on this search, using the search engine “Google” was “dog grooming”. There are one of two ways that you can come up on a page after entering this key word.

One way is paying Google as we mentioned before and you can see in the color red detailing the Pay Per Click (PPC).

The other way is by Organic Results as you can see in the color Blue, Organic listings is where you want to be. Especially on page 1 in the top 3.

Organic listings is where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. You do not pay to be in Organic Results, this is something that your site earns by having relevant content, proper back links, working with social media and gaining trust from the search engine.

When we talk about SEO this is what we are referring to the “Organic Listings”  There are many ways to get your website listed in an Organic Listing and you will start to learn and understand the many different ways that you can do this with your own website.

Before we get started, remember that you will need a website for this tutorial. If you do not have a website you can get one for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

Backlinks are one of many SEO tools

Using back links properly will help your site rank on the search engines. Back links are not the only way to use SEO there are many ways to use SEO however, back links when used effectively will be a great SEO tool for you.

There are 6 types of back links that I will be sharing with you: 

  1. Comment Backlinks
  2. Social Backlinks
  3. Guest Blog Backlinks
  4. Article Marketing Backlinks
  5. Reciprocal Backlinks
  6. Natural Backlinks

I will explain how easy and simple it is to build a web of backlinks using these techniques and only having to spend a small amount of time doing it.

Remember, in Google’s eyes, it is better to have one quality backlink than it is to have one million spamlinks. In fact, spamlinks can hurt your site rankings and get you blacklisted.

The good news is, you don’t need to buy spamlinks. It is very easy to get quality backlinks that will never have a risk of hurting your site.

1 – Comment Backlinks

Comment Backlinks

Photo Credit: Flickr/THOR

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to start getting a few backlinks to your site. This will also allow you to get exposure to others that are looking particularly for your information located on your website.

Let’s say your web site is about Health and Fitness.  One way of finding Health and Fitness blogs or sites are to enter the keyword Health and Fitness into a search engine such as Google.

This is important to find sites that are relevant to your sites information. If your site is about health and fitness and you go to a site that talks about Dog grooming then you leave a comment at the bottom of their site. Your will be leaving a link on their site to your site.

When the search engines send out their spiders and see that your link is on a site in reference to “dog grooming” well that will not carry a lot of points with the search engines. In fact, too many of those links could look bad and be consider spam links.

Make certain that you will be searching for sites that have your relevancy on your site. Also, this is so important because you will get people that will see your link and or your comment on that site you left the comment and click on your site.

You will notice on most sites, you have to fill in your name, email, and website. It will look something like this:


If you do fill in the website, which is almost always optional, it will make your name into a link that leads back to your site. So, if someone likes your comment or wants to learn more about you, they can click that link and it will take them to your site.

The key to this is – you need to actually read the post you’re commenting on, read the other comments, and either get involved with the conversation already taking place or try to start a conversation yourself – maybe by asking a question. Remember, if you are asking the question, other people are too.

You will have best results when you actually have read some of the content on the page and genuinely make a comment. Not just something generic.

I should say that leaving generic remarks still provides a backlink but, in my experience, if you really get involved with the sites discussion, people will use the link and that will do two things. It brings visitors to your site and makes people remember you. It seems to me, Google probably does not lend much weight to backlinks that never get used.

Getting involved in the communities that are already formed in your niche is vital to building followers. Remember, marketing, even online marketing, is about people not backlinks. SEO is just a tool and needs to be treated as such.

2 – Social Media Back Links

Social Media Backlinks

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jason Howie

I’m sure everyone knows about the social sharing buttons such as the Facebook “LIKE” button as well as Google+ and twitter but what you may not know is pushing these buttons is a huge act of kindness. Google lends a lot of weight to social sharing in regards to ranking.

People will only share something that they feel has been helpful to them. Google knows this so, when they see a site being flooded with backlinks from social networks, they take notice. They know if people are sharing something, it holds value. The next time someone’s site has helped you, make sure you thank that person by sharing it with your friends.

How To Get People To Share

If people find it informative and useful, they will share it naturally. Therefore, first and foremost, you should create quality content. I will never stop saying that to people.

However, there are other things that need to be done. In order to get that ball rolling, you will need to build networks on different social media places. I recommend starting with “The Big Three” – Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

You will want to connect with people who are interested in your niche so go to Facebook and join a couple of groups. Start getting involved with someone else’s popular fan page because, if you get involved, you will build relationships and gain new friends.

You can do the same thing in whichever social media sites you want to use; however, the key here is to make real connections. Don’t just start adding random people as they will most likely not pay much attention to anything you’re posting anyway.

Now that you have your social networks in place, you will want to social your own work! That’s right, I said it! Mash those social buttons!!! This will let the rest of your social network know you have something new and they can go look at it.

If you build a nice little social network of followers, you will find your site gets a lot of sharing and will get ranked faster and higher.

3 – Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest Posting

Photo Credit:

Guest Blogging is when you do an actual blog post for someone else’s blog. This can really be great because you can take advantage of someone else’s established stream of traffic and get some very good and effective backlinks to your own site.

The best way to find someone willing to let you do this is to get involved with the community and, of course, have your own blog with great material on it as an example to show other blog owners.

You can ask other blog owners if they allow guest blogs. Most will as long as it’s a quality blog. I mean, who doesn’t want free high quality content added to their website?

If you can find a small handful of blogs to work with, you can start building a very nice little web of backlinks that Google considers very valuable. Google knows if another blog owner is sending traffic to your website, they must be impressed with it.

Here’s something to keep in mind, if you’re wondering how Google determines what a quality backlink is, it’s simple. Google will lend a great deal of weight to it if it is valuable from a human perspective.

4 – Article Marketing Backlinks

Article Marketing Backlinks

Photo Credit: Flickr/Ed Yourdon

I prefer this method of getting back links, the reason being is that you can control the content put on the the page that your potential customers will be reading. Also, you will have the ability to engage the reader and let them start to feel who you are and what your website represents.

Article marketing is one of the more obvious ways to get backlinks and, if done correctly, can send an absolute flood of traffic to your website which will lead to social backlinks and a loyal following.

I recommend Street Articles for this. They are the most popular and fastest ranking article directory on the web. Sometimes, people’s brand new articles go to first place within just a few hours of being published.

This is due to the fact that Street Articles has strict rules in place that force you to follow Google’s rules. If you don’t do this, they will reject the article. If you follow those same rules on your own website, you too will enjoy faster indexing from Google.

If you show Google some love, they are going to show you some love back.

There are different ways you can do this but my preferred method is it to do a very in-depth article on my website then go to street articles and do three to five smaller articles – kind of like teasers. Each of these articles needs to be informative but leave enough open so they will click the links and go to your site.

I also recommend you choose very specific keywords for each article and have the title of the article be the exact keyword for which you want to rank. For example, “How to catch more trout.” or “How to fish for trout.”

Keyword research is very important for this. Make sure the article is going to get some traffic by making sure the keyword is low competition with a nice amount of traffic.

Keep these articles between 400-600 words. This will allow you two links. I would point one of these links back to your site and use the other one to point at one of your other articles.

Google likes to see articles that point to more than one place. This will also provide backlinks for your Street Articles which will help them to rank higher.

I suspect that it’s best to use the first link to point to your site and the second to another Street Article but I have not actually tested this so, if anyone has opinions on this, please leave them in the comments.

5 – Reciprocal Backlinks

Reciprocal Backlinks
As you start to get involved in the communities surrounding your niche, you will start to make friends with fellow blog owners. That’s where reciprocal backlinks come into play.

If this is the case, you can offer to add some links here and there throughout your blog leading to their website if they will do the same for you.

You may even add banners on your side bars at each other’s sites or whatever agreement you and the other blog owner make.

In my opinion, having these types of back links is very nice because it shows Google that both blog owners are involved in that niches community. In other words, you are working together.

Google seems to like these type of interactions. It shows sharing, not only from every day web surfers but from other authors as well.

However, I would not get too carried away with this. In my opinion, a little goes a long way in this situation. You don’t want to do it to the point where it starts to look like spam.

The best way is to just keep your friends in mind and, when you are writing something and you think your reader would benefit from the other website, toss a link in there and just have an understanding with other blog owners.

Another reason I would say not to get too carried away with this is, you don’t want to send all your traffic somewhere else. Once you get them on your site, you want to engage them there for as long as possible.

That being said, it’s good to show Google that you have something other than affiliate links leaving your website at least every once in a while.

6 – Natural Backlinks

Growing Social Media

Photo Credit: MKHMarketing

Natural backlinks are when someone else reads something on your site and decides to share it with their readers.

Google loves these type of links. It shows your site must have some real value if other blog owners are sharing it without getting anything in return.

I only know of one way to get these type of backlinks and that is to write high quality content. Write it for the user and not the search engine and try to make it very engaging.

How do you do that you ask? Stop worrying about where your site is ranked on the search engines and start worrying about providing answers to your readers.

Even Google tells people not to write for search engines. Please trust me when I tell you there is no way to pull a fast one over on Google. They know all your tricks and they make the rules.

If you just write for the reader and not for Google, you will be amazed at the results you get.

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