Can’t I Still Make Money Without SEO?

I remember trying to muddle through the complicated world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was so frustrating and it was not something I had to deal with in my past business experiences with brick and mortar companies.

Cant I Still Make Money Without SEO

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I wanted to figure out DIY Search Engine Optimization. It felt like trying to figure out why my credit score was different with all three credit bureaus and how to make sense of my score.

It’s confusing, complicated, and I believe done so intentionally by the search engines. They don’t want to reveal their secret recipe because they don’t want people to “cheat”; they want original, organic, and real content. That’s why it’s so complicated especially for those business-minded people that want their accounting columns to balance.

I know you want it to make sense, and I do too! But, the best we can do is beat them at their own game and figure out what they’re looking for on your website so that it can get a higher ranking.

On my website, I provide a way to simplify understanding SEO with DIY Search Engine Optimization and show you how to learn the process so that you can market your own website or blog. You can read more about understanding SEO in our training.

Now, the question is can’t you make money without SEO?

There are some things you just need to do in the online world that are imperative to creating traffic and one of those is DIY Search Engine Optimization.

I’m going to say that there may be a small percentage of businesses that don’t need to get involved with SEO. Those who fall under that category are businesses that are not online to make money or bring viewers to their site. So, if your website is one that you don’t really care if anyone every reads, finds, or buys anything from…then go ahead, ignore SEO.

Well, let me ask you this: Why would you not want FREE TRAFFIC?

I suspect, however, that if you’ve come this far you’re “in it to win it” and have a reason you want to achieve financial freedom. In that case, roll up your sleeves and take a deep breath. I’m gonna be here to help you out and help you understand everything you need to know to optimize your web page.

In fact, you can jump over to my introductory training portion to SEO right now and learn more. We’re in this together and I understand exactly where you’re coming from. You can read my story. This is something you can do for yourself with just a little investment in educating yourself, so don’t give up.

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