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PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing Training

I really like PPC marketing, my first endeavor with online marketing was back in 2001 I decided to choose the route of PPC with Google adwords.¬† It took me a while to comply with Google’s rules and my account was shut down many times. But, I was determined to be profitable with PPC and I was. One day after about 3 months of trying to figure it out I woke up one morning thinking “I need to throw the towel in on this online crap.” So I logged onto my adwords account to shut it down and walk away. To my surprise I was not only witnessing an account open (as opposed to shutdown) but I had made money.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is one of the most reliable ways to make money online…if done right. Basically, what you are doing¬† is paying for clicks and how much you pay for each click will depend on the network in which you are advertising, the niche you are in, the competition, and the quality of your campaigns.

The Crazy World of PPC

The last few years have been frustrating ones in the PPC realm with many people getting suspended via Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and some people even having a difficult time getting listed with MSN Adcenter (Bing and Yahoo).

In fact, between 2010-2012, Google had shut down over ONE MILLION advertiser accounts. This was a result in a “clean wipe” of almost all affiliate marketers. Instead of them cherry picking through millions of advertisers, they decided to perform a mass account suspension, frustrating a lot of marketers.

Things have since settled down a bit, but there are still some very important things you need to understand before entering the PPC world. These will be discussed within this training.

PPC is a Game of Math

The key to being successful in PPC advertising is to make sure that your expenses are less than your revenue.

It really is just simple math. Your goal is to spend less in advertising costs (click charges), than you earn. Your earnings could be through affiliate programs, CPA programs, lead programs or through your own product.

Let’s take an example here.

Say you are advertising under a keyword that costs you $0.50 per click. You are selling a product (whether your own or an affiliate product) on your website that pays you a profit of $30 per sale. To break even within this campaign, you need to make a sale every 60 clicks ($30 / $0.50). Any conversion rate better than 1:60, will earn you a positive revenue, or a positive ROI. Anything less than 1:60 will earn you a negative revenue, or a negative ROI.

Successful PPC marketers can earn a lot of money, and do it consistently. The great part about a successful campaign within the PPC world is that once you set up a profitable one, it will typically continue to remain profitable. This is because the traffic is predictable and the conversion rates typically remain stable across most industries.

To succeed with PPC Marketing, you need to understand several principles starting from setting up your PPC accounts, to research aspects (keyword, audience, product), campaign creation, landing page creation, and analysis and testing. These will all be covered within this training.

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