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5 PPC Strategies That Are Proven To Convert

5 PPC Strategies That Are Proven To Convert

5 PPC strategies that are proven to convert

Conversions, conversions, conversions!

That is our ultimate goal as a marketer. Whether you are converting a visitor into a lead, a buyer, or someone that actively engages on your website. There are some things that you can do to improve conversions, regardless of the nature of your niche and the type of action you are trying to get your visitors to take.

5 PPC Strategies That Are Proven to Convert

I wanted to take a second and explain five techniques that you can focus on within your PPC campaigns to assure success in one form or another.

1 – Start bidding conservatively

The last thing you want to do, in particular within a niche that you don’t already have PPC data to work with, is to bid too high. Never start your bids higher than $0.50. You can always increase your bids, but once you have spent your money it is gone. It is the worst feeling in the world (well that my be a bit exaggerated but it doesn’t feel good) when you launch a new campaign and you bid too much only to find out your campaign doesn’t convert (and you have wasted a ton of money).

2 – Hyper Targeted Campaigns

Relevancy converts. As I have been preaching from the beginning of this training, the better your flow of relevance from the keyword, to the ad, the the landing page (and the offer), the higher you will convert. Over the years we have analyzed this strategy and it is one that will never fail you. Creating small ad groups and tight campaigns (in terms of relevancy) will only benefit you.

3 – Think Value Before Sell

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this concept powers some of the most successful campaigns that you will ever see. Remember that there are other “people” on the other side of your PPC search, if you don’t deliver value, they are not going to trust you, believe you, or buy from you. Providing a little bit of value can go a long way and will boost your conversions drastically.

4 – Scale Success

Got a PPC campaign that is converting? Duplicate it. Once you have a formula in place, it can be scaled upon. If you are achieve a high ROI on particular campaigns, you need take that information and apply it to other campaigns. That is a sure fire way of building business and building revenue. Once you have your formula, it is just a matter of getting more traffic which is the easy part within PPC networks.

5 – Target Buyer Keywords

Most people tend to think broad when they start their campaigns. The goal is to attract people that are far along in the “customer purchase life cycle”, meaning they are close to making a purchase. But how do you determine this? It is based on keyword selection, by rule of thumb the more relevant the keyword, the further along they are in the buying life cycle. Someone that types in “dog” isn’t a buyer, someone that types in “find the best dog training program in Miami” is. That is the difference. Also, targeting terms with the words “buy, purchase, compare, join, and review” are very good buyer keywords.

These are five PPC strategies that I would suggest you focus on. If you do, your campaigns are only going to benefit from it, in particular your campaign ROI!

Are you ready for PPC?

PPC is the best way to obtain predictable and measurable traffic. Because you can target exact keywords and audiences from exact geographic regions, you can create campaigns that earn income not only for today, but for months and years to come.

The rule of thumb is that once a keyword converts once, it can convert again and again. Obviously there are factors like the ad grouping techniques, the actual ad, the landing page and the product promotion involved, but if you can align all these as described within this getting started tutorial, your chances of success will be quite high.

And that leads to the question…

Are you ready for PPC?

Not everyone should try PPC. If you have no marketing knowledge, no website and no niche, and no extra money to “risk” on advertising, I would immediately say that you are not ready. If you do have a handle of your audience, and have run marketing campaigns already using other techniques (perhaps free ones) and want to expand your traffic base through PPC, then I think you should go for it.

If you run an online or offline business and have been doing so for quite some time and you have the budget for a PPC campaign, it is a wonderful way to get more targeted traffic to your site, generating new revenue that you would have never had the potential to create before. Just make sure you spend some time understanding what you are doing before you go crazy within your campaigns.

Take things slow at first, be conservative and once you have a grasp and have PPC data to work with, then start scaling your campaigns.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to PPC and if you have any questions about any of the subjects within this tutorial, leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand. Also, do not hesitate to contact me by email travis@mindsetgomarketing.com

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