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Creating Ads That Sell And Catch Attention!

Creating Ads That Sell And Catch Attention!

Creating ads that sell and catch attention!

There is such a thing as a good ad and a “not so good” ad.

Look in your local newspaper, on TV, online…anywhere there is advertising, there are people writing ads. It is important that you understand how to write quality ad copy because the better your ad is, the higher the CTR (click-through ratio). The more clicks, the cheaper your ad cost becomes as search engines reward you for high CTR.

A well written ad will get you more clicks. If your campaign is profitable, the more clicks you can get, the more sales you will get!

So what defines GOOD ad copy, and what makes ad copy bad?

An ad should be intriguing, relevant, and offer an action step for a person to perform. These typically are the result of call-to-action phrases. These work and have been tested across many different marketing mediums with great success.

An example of a call to action phrase is a trigger for the person to perform another action. It encourages it through language like:

  • Click Here
  • Learn More
  • Compare
  • Join Now
  • Sign-up
  • Download Now
  • Find Out
  • Get More Information

Here is an example of some ads under the keyword “poodle puppy training”

Personally I don’t think these are the best ads as they are not relevant enough. Think of it. If you came in with your ad targeted“poodle puppy training”, you would stand out from the rest of the crowd.

That is why the “common keyword technique” is so important, because if your keywords within an ad group are tightly grouped you can have an ad that is HIGHLY relevant, that is, including the exact keywords. Your ad would stand out. You would achieve the highest CTR of all of these ads and Google would reward you for your quality.

There is not ONE way to write an ad as it will depend on your niche and your audience. There is no ONE word that will convert higher than another. There is no ONE call-to-action link that will work the best. Ad performance will differ from industry to industry, so the best thing you can do is try different things and test, test, test!

How to promote affiliate products using PPC Marketing

OK, you have a PPC account, check. You have a niche, check. You know how to research and find keywords, check.

Now you need to find a product to promote. There are many affiliate networks and independent affiliate programs online that allow you to promote pretty much anything you can think of from ladders to phones, to make-money books to video game rentals.

As mentioned earlier, you can make money promoting ANYTHING online. You can also look in many different places on the internet to find products to promote.

Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs

There are both Affiliate Networks, which contain 100-1000’s of affiliate programs within one place, and independent affiliate programs which are independently run affiliate programs.

Commission Junction (CJ) is an example of an affiliate network that has 1000’s of products you can promote with ONE account, and  you will need to create an account with these networks or independent affiliate programs in order to receive your “affiliatelinks”.

These are the links that will track your sales. The great part about being an affiliate marketer is that you do not have to handle any transactions, shipping, support, or administration. You drive the traffic and sales to their sites, they take care of the rest.

Click bank is not the only advertising network out there. There are 10,000s of affiliate programs available, and all you need to do is sign-up with a network, or an independent affiliate program to be able to get started promoting products. Signing up with these companies will provide you with unique links that you can use to advertise.

Some of the top Pay-Per-Sale affiliate networks are:

There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs outside of the ones that are contained within these networks. These independent programs can be found quite easily with a simple search within Google. Here is what an example search would look like if you were looking for an affiliate program within the “guitar” niche.

Guitar Affiliate Program

The first page of the “natural” (pages down the middle) contain many different guitar affiliate programs that you can join. Some are independent programs, and some are within affiliate networks. This is an easy way to find any affiliate program…even within some of the most obscure niches.

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