SEO Search Optimization

SEO Search Optimization

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SEO Search Optimization? I think the biggest questions are:

  • Does it really work?
  • If it does work, what is the equation or formula?
  • When will the Mighty Search engines change their “Algorithm again”?
  • Can the incorrect marketing of SEO do more damage than good to my site?

These questions are they very same reasons a lot of marketers are throwing in the towel on SEO. I just spent the last two days with several fellow marketers and many of them are close friends. I was surprised at how many of them have shut down their SEO efforts. They explained they have had  enough surprises and changes with search engines rules changing.

I quietly kept my opinions to myself and really did not express much about the topic. My experience with SEO has been good and I might even say “great”.

After listening to them share and explain their purpose of quitting SEO, I realized they are not doing it right, that is when it hit me. No wonder they are frustrated with SEO. I was shocked because these guys make solid six figures with their online businesses. How are they not properly utilizing SEO marketing?

SEO is good for your business

SEO Search Optimization is a great way to create free traffic to anyone’s websites. This is the solid evergreen strategy to online marketing. I am realizing that the most common reasons marketers do not use SEO marketing more are:

1. They do not know how to properly implement the marketing strategy.

2. The marketers want a quick fix result. Have you ever heard of the Principle of “The Law of the Harvest” if not look it up. SEO is exactly that principle you may not get results today but when the results start coming in it is great!

3. They fear that while putting so much time into SEO then the rules change and all of that time is wasted and time = money.

Does SEO really work?

Hey, SEO works! I just checked many of my sites analytics stats and it is still working. The key is to do it right. The search engines change “algorithms” to provide the best content for the consumer.

My experience with SEO has shown me that if your marketing SEO correctly will real relevant content and natural linking your gonna be fine. Check out my training on “What to know about SEO

Let me know what you think about SEO, is it working for you? Have you found certain strategies that work the best?

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