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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Training Marketing Course

There are several avenues of social media marketing but, in this training course we are just going to focus on what I believe are the traffic social media: Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Well that is just some of them. Perhaps you are very familiar with all of these or just some of them. You may have used these Social Medias in your personal life but, have you used them to make money? Can you leverage these social networks to make your business money?

The answer is YES but it must be done the right way. So, I am going to show you how to get started with social media to use it to make money for yourself.

There is a lot of “over-promised” belief about social media marketing that’s why I am going to break it down to the basic fundamentals.

Social media is a space where people hang out, where they discuss topics with friends and acquaintances, where they share news, where they get suggestions and advice, and share images and videos. A place where people socialize about every topic imaginable.

And then came businesses and advertising. As social networks grew in popularity and costs associated with running the businesses increased, the social networks need to implement strategies to monetize their services.

Facebook and Twitter definitely lead the way in terms of their advertising model.

Social networks with ads:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Social networks with no or limited Ads:

  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Advertising (paying for visibility or paying for “clicks”) on Facebook and Twitter costs money though, and within this course we are going to be showing you FREE social media strategies. These are strategies in which you can build your following, build your social marketing foundation, and become an engaging and powerful force within the social marketing front.

If you have a sound social engagement plan in place, you do not have to rely on any single source of traffic.

Many people talk about getting slapped by Google or other search engine updates. When this happens, it can kill entire businesses that rely solely on search engine optimization. However, for those that have diversified into the social networks and have obtained a quality reach and following (also known as a brand), they will always have a much more sustainable business.

In other words, we are going to be showing you how to diversify your eggs into multiple baskets, or multiple revenues of income, instead of relying too heavily on any single search engine or just one specific marketing avenue.

Let’s first off look at the benefits of implementing social media into you online marketing.

  • You have the opportunity to really Brand yourself and create a “Guru” status
  • Have a method of marketing that is not relying on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Social Media has a reputation for going Viral with great content and value
  • Great way to let your following, customers, clientele to keep in touch with you
  • It is the best way to let others share your content and information (you reach more)
  • Obviously, you are going to get more followers that equals more traffic and more business

Keep in Mind! Just hanging out on these social medias is not social media marketing, it is much wasted time.

If you plan on being productive on a social network, then you need to have a plan and you need to understand where to spend your time. There are only a certain number of hours per day and you are better off having no social marketing plan at all if you are just there to hang out.

Creating a social media account

Lets get started with creating your accounts within the four major social media networks. The question always comes up – do I use my personal accounts or do I create another account for my business or online marketing efforts?

Really, that is up to you to decide and consider the advantages and disadvantages. I will give you my opinion. I have personal accounts and then I have my business accounts. The reason is that I do not want to bombard-er people that are not interested in what I am sharing. Also, I have multiple online sites and businesses and they need to be branded to their own uniqueness.

1 – Create a Facebook account

Your first step is going to be to create a Facebook account. Here is the sign-up page to register for Facebook.

You can start by following me.

If you do not already have an account, I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image and adding a few friends that you may know.

2 – Create a Twitter account

Your next step is going to be to set-up a Twitter account. Signup here.

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image/description and following a few people.

You can start off by following me.

3 – Create a Google+ account

Your next step is going to be to set-up a Google Plus account. Create an account here.

I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image/description and add a few friends that you may or may not know to your circles (you can add anyone to your circles).

You can add me to your circles.

4 – Create a Pinterest account

Your next step is going to be to set-up a Pinterest account. Create a Pinterest account here.

I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image and invite a few friends that you may know. You should also follow a few fellow members.

You can follow my “pinning” activities at Pinterest.


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