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The Story Of Travis Lane

Hi! My name is Travis Lane and this is my story. People tell me I am a happy person and frequently ask, “What’s your secret?” I never gave it much thought until after experiencing some personal tragedies and I think it was then that I realized that relationships with my family and friends—and even strangers—are what life is all about. Life is about people and about the human experience. We all have so much in common and share similar life experiences.

At the end of the day, I ask myself “Did I enjoy life today” and “Did I help someone else enjoy life a bit more”? If I can answer “yes” to both of those questions, I truly feel alive and that I am living my dream. To be clear, that doesn’t mean I played all day or had a lot of money. I believe that even work and life’s greatest challenges can be enjoyed.

From the time I was young, I had a great appreciation for the small miracles in life. I would awake early to watch the sun rise and to smell the fresh air of the cool mornings in the desert. The rays of sunlight warmed my skin and literally put life’s energy into my body. Each morning I did this, I was humbled by the majesty of Mother Nature that was evidenced in the Arizona desert where I grew up. I always felt that there was not enough time to explore and experience everything I wanted to do.

My first glimpse into understanding residual income happened when we were on vacation with a few other families. The men who were with us were comprised of a dentist, a doctor, and an attorney. They were discussing finances and typical money concerns that rest upon the shoulders of the breadwinner.

The doctor and the attorney had to pay someone to fill in and take over their patients and clients while they were gone. The dentist simply did not schedule patients during his vacation.

Additionally, they were all losing income because they weren’t working. When the discussion turned to my dad, I remember him commenting that he was still going to make the same amount of money even if he wasn’t there. That was the first time the concept of trading dollars for hours versus making dollars work for you began to form in my mind.

I witnessed my father working hard, but also saw how he was the master of his domain and could be flexible with his schedule attending my sporting events or taking time off when he wanted to. I thought, “There are too many exciting and fun things to do in life to spend my life working for someone else. I don’t want to have a hard time enjoying my vacation because of a loss of money.” Even respectable, high-paid professionals like the dentist, doctor, and attorney couldn’t make money if they weren’t working.

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Ice Cream TruckI worked for the family business at a very young age and had saved a portion of my paychecks for several years. I never knew what I was going to do with the money, but wanted to keep adding to it. When we returned from our vacation I was determined to move forward with a business idea I had. I did what any reasonable 13 year old would do in my position. I used my savings to buy an ice cream truck and hired my sixteen year old sister to drive it for me while I sold ice cream and candy. We made a great team and both loved adventure and life. We both were actively involved in the sports we loved and would work together on our time off. And, I blindly made a good profit. I say that considering I didn’t have a vast knowledge of cost of goods, inventory management, profit margins, or other common business knowledge other than my desire to make money. Even though I didn’t know there was a term for it at the time, I was making a successful ROI (Return on investment) from the money I used from my savings.

In the picture above I am the skinny 13 year old on the end dressed in the white shirt and white pants. My 16 yr old sister is the one standing right next to me on my right. That is me with my 9 siblings and my parents. Can you guess what kind of restaurants my father owned? Look at my oldest sister’s shirt.

After a taste of being a “businessman” my entrepreneurial spirit was hungry for more. While playing baseball and football my mind would be dreaming about owning 100 ice cream trucks and imagining how much money I could make if they yielded the same profit my first truck was making.

Admittedly, my dream never unfolded. I fell short by 97 trucks, but ended up with 3 until I sold my business and moved on to other investments and new projects.

Although academics and school never really captured my full effort, I have always been an independent scholar. I get interested in a topic or idea and become obsessed with reading everything I can about the topic until I become an expert. In my early 20′s I wanted to learn about the power and leverage of Real Estate. It was like playing Monopoly in real life and I thought, “Can life get any more exciting than this?” When I would calculate the amount I could make if I continued with real estate, I would tell my wife, “We are going to be millionaires by the time we are 30 years old.”

I can’t say I’ve ever been happy about paying taxes, but I did reach my goal and paid taxes on a seven figure income when I was just 28 years old. Oddly enough, once I reached my goal I was satisfied and didn’t feel a need to continue making more money. My wife and I were still very much in love and had two kids at that time. We decided we were going to take a break and travel the world and see places we had only dreamed about. For the next three years, we took a break.

Two more kids later, I found myself restless and wanting to get back into the financial game. I went back into real estate because that had proven to be the most lucrative income stream. Soon after, I started learning about “Financial Instruments” and how to purchase them and how to leverage them. I started loaning money on real estate development projects and found great success. I became addicted to watching my returns and looking at the huge profit I was making. I also met really wonderful people and enjoyed the relationships my business opportunities created. It was rewarding not only to make a profit for myself, but to help others realize big profits on their money and investments that they would never have realized through many traditional means.

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

-- Nikos Kazantzakis

My one year old daughter was diagnosed with Cancer “Langerhans cell Histiocytosis” (LCH) in 2008.

Travis FamilyMy wife and I are optimistic people, with positive energy, and a belief in the power of prayer. We were determined to work together as a family and beat this disease. Little did we know the trials we were about to face. Either my wife or I were constantly in the hospital with our daughter for the next 28 months. I would stay home with our other three children in Southern Utah while my wife would be with our daughter in Northern Utah. We would trade off every other week, but for the most part my wife stayed with my daughter. Our “normal” family life became disjointed and caused hardships in many ways. I virtually became a single parent to our children at home while trying to maintain our income. My three children at home were also experiencing an abnormal amount of stress from the uncertainty of their sister’s failing health, the absence of their mother, and a father whose time was spread thin. My oldest daughter shouldered a lot of responsibility in helping with her siblings—one that no young girl should have to deal with.

We would visit every week and I would try to provide some relief for my wife, but for the most part my wife stayed with her while she was in Primary Children’s Hospital. It was impossible to separate my wife from our daughter. She did not want to leave her side and would often lie in bed holding her for hours. Even with her heavy doses of pain medication, she was still in a great deal of pain and her Momma was what gave her the greatest comfort.

We were not insured so we were paying some very expensive hospital bills. We were more than happy to do so believing that the expensive medical treatment would save our daughters life. Sadly, our daughter passed after a long, arduous fight. She was a tough little girl that fought hard and convinced us several times she was going to survive. At the age of three, she taught me more lessons during her short life than I had learned in a lifetime. Just a toddler, she had an amazingly positive attitude, a faith in God and passion for life. To her, even the simplest moments in life were miracles as long as they were shared with those she loved most.

The Dark Side of My Investment Addiction Reared Its Ugly Head

During my daughters fight with Cancer, I began investing in projects that were too risky and insecure. I violated the same principles I had advised others to steer clear and avoid. I let my emotions dictate my investment decisions and started handing off money to others. After my daughter passed away, I started investing in gold and diamonds in Africa, many investments and transactions that carried no collateral. They were business ventures that clearly did not make sense, but my clarity in life had become blurred and the lure of riches on top of my overconfidence with my past successes created a fatal mix.

Because of my lack of business focus, I felt like I was showing up to a football game without my cleats, football helmet, or jersey. I was completely unprepared and became consumed with feeding an investment addiction. Looking back, I believe the trauma of watching my child die a long and painful death played a big part of my downfall. I was numb and threw myself into something I knew how to do. But, I had become the compulsive gambler at a casino endlessly dropping my money into a machine and not knowing when to walk away. Something had irrevocably changed in my mind and I started to financially self-destruct. Inevitably, my irrational decisions lead to a complete devastation and financial loss of my millionaire success. With everything gone, even our home and vehicles my wife and I had to regroup and decide what to do next. We still had three children and had added another who was born before my daughter passed away. We believed our quickest path to recovery would be to focus on Internet Marketing.

Why Internet Marketing?

I had dabbled in internet marketing while selling real estate and promoting products I had created and/or invested money in the past. I tried to convince my wife that I should raise capital and go back to Real Estate and investments. My wife is an amazing and supportive partner. She knows me better than I know myself sometimes and she gently advised me that I had lost my edge and my ability to work like I had before our daughter was gone. I couldn’t argue with her and knew she was absolutely right. I just wasn’t the same. My lifelong optimism, positive attitude, and belief that I could conquer anything had been shaken to my very core when I couldn’t save my daughter. Those values were the primary foundation that propelled me to success with real estate. I couldn’t deny that the universe had clearly won in convincing me that those beliefs were false. My faith in my previous life paradigms were no longer as clearly defined as it had been.

Another reason we chose internet marketing was that it required very little capital, if any to get started. A childhood friend with whom I had known since I was five years old was still a big part of my life. He was making 7 figures with online marketing of other people’s products as well as his own. I have owned many businesses and I have invested in hundreds of real estate transactions.Internet-Marketing I enjoyed it and I learned valuable lessons through those experiences. But, the reward you can achieve with Online Marketing is a totally different ball game. I was accustomed to leveraging hundreds of thousands of dollars and even into the millions to create a business or a real estate transaction. However, with online marketing I began making money without investing one penny! I was so amazed at what my friend had started sharing with me and how I was able to make a profit without risking a single penny. Just like the image to the right illustrates, it’s a simple process once you learn it. Just rinse and repeat.

To clarify, that does not mean that I have not invested money into online marketing. I certainly have in order to expedite financial results, but I only did after I knew that what I was doing was working. I figured out a calculation that proved successful. If I put “X” amount of dollars out, it would return an “X” amount of profit for me.

Online marketing is a fascinating world filled with challenges and achievement. You can make friends in cyberspace that become lasting relationships and enjoy an overall rewarding experience. I enjoy playing the online internet marketing game. This industry has allowed me to be passive, creative and strategic. I am able to do internet marketing where ever I have a computer and access to the internet. I can manage, start and create campaigns.

My family and I recently visited Disneyland and while there I started an internet campaign with the purpose that it would pay for our “Disneyland” trip. We were at Disneyland for 4 days. When we left Disneyland I was $400 short of paying for the trip. I started a fresh campaign and ten days later I had doubled my profit. My family’s trip to Disneyland was not only paid for, but I made twice the amount of the cost of the trip just by taking some time in the mornings and evenings at our hotel to work on internet marketing.

This is a picture of me and my daughter going on a ride after I had just looked at the profits I made from my campaign. I look forward to speaking and meeting with you. As I mentioned in my introduction, life’s greatest joys come from relationships with other people. I truly enjoy success, but also enjoy helping others succeed. I’ve been rich and I’ve been broke and I know the struggles you may be going through as you try to provide an income that will give you the freedom you desire to spend with your loved ones.

I do spend a lot of time at wealthyaffiliate. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about internet marketing. Leave a comment below or you can also get in touch with me via this link at wealthy affiliate.

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